Citroen Van Reviews - Page 2

  • Citroen Dispatch LWB 120 long-termer

    1 May 2007

    Looks and load-lugging go hand in hand with Citroën’s light panel van

  • Citroen Relay 30L1H1 100

    1 Nov 2006

    Citroën has plucked a surprising ace from its sleeve in the panel van sales battleground.

  • Citroen Dispatch 2.0 HDi Enterprise

    1 Jul 2006

    Having spent a week with the latest incarnation of the Citroen Dispatch, I’ve come to the conclusion that this vehicle is rather like Oscar Wilde’s character Dorian Gra

  • Citroen Relay 900 2.0 HDi

    1 May 2006

    I believe it was TV motoring presenter Jeremy Clarkson who opined once that the best car safety measure would be to remove all drivers’ airbags and replace them with large metal spikes.

  • Citroen Relay 900 2.0 HDi

    1 Mar 2006

    Can you really buy a pukka panel van for ten grand? Yes you can – and it ain’t half bad either.

  • Citroen C2 Enterprise van

    1 Mar 2005

    Citroen C2, plus a little thoughtful tweaking adds up to a brilliant little van

  • Citroen C15

    1 Jan 2005

    Against all the odds, Citroen’s C15 celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Fleet Van tests the evergreen contender and looks back at its long fleet history

  • Citroen Relay 2.8HDi LWB High Roof Enterprise

    1 Sep 2004

    Citroen is one of the most aggressive and enterprising marques on the market when it comes to selling vans.

  • Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDi LX Enterprise

    1 May 2004

    The Citroen Berlingo may be getting a tad long in the tooth, but there is plenty of life in the old stager yet.