Royal Mail will introduce 3,000 more electric vans to its fleet, a tenfold rise on the 300 plug-in vehicles it currently operates.

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Menzies acquires JBT Distribution

Menzies Distribution has acquired logistics and supply chain services business JBT Distribution, extending its network coverage with the addition of 200 vehicles and six operating sites.

Maxus to supply 750 electric vans to DPD UK

DPD UK will double its fleet of electric vehicles after ordering 750 fully electric commercial vehicles from Maxus.

Daf reveals new XF, XG and XG+

Daf has revealed a new generation of XF, XG and XG+ trucks, which will go into production before the end of the year.

Road sign with bollards around saying: Major decisions ahead

Benchmarking: Road safety can learn a lot from our railways

The rail network has taken great strides forward in eliminating incidents. There are pointers for the new Fleet Benchmarking tool. David Williams reports on behalf of Roadsafe, a DfBB partner

Vanarama boss Andy Alderson as his company's HQ

Vanarama boss boldly predicts five-fold deals growth by 2025

Drivers’ greater willingness to buy online, prompted by the pandemic, suits brokering company well

Graphic showing how benchmarking, gap analysis and taking action interlock

DfT benchmarking tool for continuous improvement launched

Supported by Fleet News, Driving for Better Business (DfBB) and Roadsafe, benchmarking will help UK businesses to manage risk and improve safety. David Williams reports on behalf of DfBB

Electric car charging

Electric vehicle charging: power to the people

The public charging infrastructure is key to the success of electric vehicles, with the Government recently announcing £1.3 billion of funding to grow it.