Group test: Double-cab pick-ups


The Amarok looks a tad ordinary against the newer opposition.

However, any shortcomings in the sartorial department are adequately made up for in excellent build quality.

All the panels fit nicely and doors close with a satisfying clunk.

The new Ranger simply screams style and is the best looking of the four. It sits higher than the rivals too, giving a commanding view of the road ahead. It also seems chunkier, with that hewn-from-rock feel.

The D-Max feels pretty chunky and well-built too, although not quite up to the Amarok’s German solidity.

In the cab

Despite its bargain basement price, the Steed has a very upmarket feel to its interior.

Leather seats are standard on both S and SE variants, while the dash is all silver and black as is de rigueur nowadays.

There’s plenty of room for both front and rear passengers and the seats are big and comfortable with plenty of sideways support.

Our test model came with a black roof lining which gave the vehicle a rather gloomy look.

We were not impressed, either, with the stereo, which is one of those fiddly little items with knobs and switches the size of pinheads, making it virtually impossible to adjust without the aid of a magnifying glass.

The Amarok’s cab is about what you’d expect from a German manufacturer – very little fuss and style, but immensely practical and very well built.

The seats are big and chunky and have lots of built-in lumbar support, which encourages the driver to sit in the correct position for long-term comfort.

There are no carpets on the floor, but as this vehicle is built for work rather than play, that’s good thing as floors can be sloshed out with soap and water after use.

If the Ranger looks stylish outside, it’s even more chic in the cab, with swirling lines on the dash and chunky black leather seats, which give huge amounts of back and side support.

There’s ample seating for three in the back and the centre piece pulls down to reveal a handy little table.

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