Van Diesel Cost Calculator


The Commercial Fleet diesel cost calculator is designed to help fleets estimate diesel costs for either the entire fleet or an individual van.

Select the fuel type, mileage covered and the vehicle make, model and derivative to get an estimated cost of fuel.

The calculation is based on the official mpg figures from the vehicle specification and the average fuel prices in either the region specified or the UK average.

To find out the fuel costs from your own average mpg or for an older vehicle – use the quick cost calculator to the right for a tailored cost.​

1. Choose the type of fuel
By default this is set to the average in the UK (See how we calculate this)

2. How many miles?
This can be for a year/month/day

3. Miles per gallon

Your fuel cost results
Total fuel cost: £3804.93
Gallons of fuel: 460.53
Litres of fuel: 2093.61
An extra 1 mpg would save you: £97.59 Recalculate your total fuel cost
A 1p per litre rise would cost an extra: £20.94 Recalculate your total fuel cost
Mileage: 17,500
Fuel type: Diesel
Fuel price used for this calculation: 181.74 pence per litre
Mpg used for this calculation: 38