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Meeting fleet challenges of today

FleetCheck's approach to customer engagement makes sure it truly understands each company's concerns and acts accordingly

Managing the fleet; three words that sound so simple, yet if those words feature anywhere in your job description, you’ll know only too well that anything connected with fleet management is far from simple.

At FleetCheck, we recognise the challenges faced by today’s fleet operators and we are committed to helping them manage these. Companies turn to FleetCheck because they have identified an organisational weakness; often managing their fleets with spreadsheets and they have an underlying concern about their legal compliance.

Whatever the catalyst, FleetCheck’s unique approach to customer engagement means that we make it our business to truly understand each company’s concerns and act accordingly. Our widely acclaimed fleet management software sits at the heart of our portfolio, and thanks to its intuitive, highly-flexible user interface, the software consistently fits the requirements of everyone responsible for the management of the fleet.

FleetCheck brings everything together by integrating with more than 200 data streams from telematics, fuel cards, licence checking and lease companies, meaning that organisations of every fleet size, sector and type are catered for.

Fundamentally, our software platform is designed to be completely in tune with the user; delivering functionality that enables them to handle their fleet tasks efficiently, and builds a robust audit trail to fulfil their legal requirements.

This year marks our 10th anniversary. We are proud to serve our growing network of companies, many of whom have been using our services for a decade.

Our philosophy is simple: fleet management software is at the core of our business, but our ability to really connect with our customers’ challenges is what makes us different. Quite simply, our customers depend on FleetCheck to deliver a tailored package of solutions that enables them to confidently run a safe, compliant and cost-effective fleet.

FleetCheck delivers:

■ Online fleet software designed for complete management of vehicles, drivers, plant and machinery.

■ A choice of modules to suit any fleet size and combination of vehicle types (cars, LCVs and HGVs).

■ More than 200 integration routines including telematics, fuel card, leasing and accident data.

■ Mobile interface to enable remote submission of vehicle safety checks and mileage updates.

■ Market-leading telematics solutions to fit specific tracking and driver management requirements.

■ Intelligent fuel management tools for optimum cost control.

■ Driver risk assessments, e-learning programmes and in-vehicle training.

■ Electronic licence checking fully-integrated with fleet software.

■ Advanced management information through its reporting suite.

■ Expert advice and services to assist with fleet policy and implementation.

■ Dedicated support from a professional team of consultants and technical experts.

Our expert knowledge is the result of true hands-on experience, and our combination of expertise, commitment and pioneering technology gives our customers total confidence that their fleet management is in safe hands.

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