Fleets Informed

Fleets Informed

Update from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent

John Henry Group selects Enterprise Flex-E-Rent as mobility partner

Fast-growing infrastructure services provider John Henry Group today revealed that it has partnered with commercial vehicle rental specialist Enterprise Flex-E-Rent for the sole supply of its fleet of more than 500 commercial vehicles.

The Group works across the highway services, telecoms, utilities and civil engineering sectors, enabling its business partners to develop their infrastructure footprint by moving people, tools and equipment to sites around the UK.

It previously managed its own owned vehicles, but was keen to find other options to help it deliver great service to its partners – and ensure it has access to well-maintained and appropriately equipped vehicles in the right place and at the right time.

To provide a more flexible solution that adapts to meet changing customer requirements, it has partnered with Enterprise Flex-Rent to provide vehicles on contract hire as well as both long- and short-term rental. This will enable John Henry Group to control both the headline rental figure as well as the whole life cost of operating each vehicle.

Partnering with Enterprise also enables the Group to access vehicles at very short notice, from standard panel vans and drop-sides to more specialist vehicles for traffic management. Getting these new vehicles to site on time is essential to ensuring customer satisfaction and enables John Henry Group to meet increasingly stringent customer KPIs.

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has also introduced a preventative maintenance schedule that has minimised employee downtime, and will also manage swift vehicle repairs and like-for like replacement vehicles where necessary.

John Henry Group director, John Henry, comments: “Enterprise’s UK-wide coverage and team of mobile engineers means that everything is sorted out with the minimum of fuss or delay.

“Clients, employees and competitors have all noticed the difference in our fleet. It’s not just the vehicles Enterprise provides, it’s everything else it does that makes it different. It’s what elevates Enterprise from being just another rental provider to a true mobility partner, which is what we needed.”

Danny Glynn, managing director of Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, adds: “John Henry Group is looking for more flexibility as a key requirement in its fleet operations, not just in terms of the financing but also in terms of short-term solutions, replacement and maintenance. This is a growing trend as businesses look to develop a less rigid approach that better suits a fast-changing market.

“The Group is growing rapidly and works on infrastructure projects of varying periods, so it needs to be both innovative and cost-efficient in how it approaches its use of commercial vehicles.”