Delivery drivers win right to spend a penny following Unite campaign

Unite, the UK’s largest union, has won a long–running campaign for the right of delivery drivers to use an employers’ toilets while conducting deliveries.

From this week employers in control of non-domestic premises are obliged to allow people who are not their employees but use their premises to access toilets and washing facilities.

The change in the regulations is a result of Unite’s campaign to end the problem of drivers having to go to the toilet behind bushes, or have to continually ‘hold on’ due to being denied access to toilet facilities.

Having to continually hold on to use a toilet has wide ranging health implications which include: urinary tract infections, damage to the bladder and the bowel, and can cause toxins to build up in the body, says the union. 

The requirement to give access to toilets and washing facilities also means that drivers can ensure that their hands are clean. This is particularly important if drivers are making food deliveries, it said.

Unite national officer Adrian Jones said: “Finally drivers have won the right to access toilet facilities when making deliveries. This reform would not have occurred without Unite’s continued campaigning on this matter.

“This change in the application of the regulations is highly significant as it restores the dignity of drivers by giving them the right to use an employer’s toilet and hand washing facilities.

“If employers continue to refuse our members access to toilets we will pursue them through all avenues open to us and that will include naming and shaming companies that deny drivers the right to spend a penny.”

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  • Nigel Boyle - 02/11/2017 14:55

    We allowed one in the other day, and they wrote graffity all over the toilet. The delivery company said it was in the employees own time, so refused to do anything. We now have a sign refusing access. Unite can not issues such instructions in private property.

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  • Edward Handley - 03/11/2017 17:09

    You are quite right Nigel, Unite cannot issue such instructions, but the Government can, which is why they have issued new Regulations which apply to non domestic premises. Delivery drivers therefore have the right to use facilities - and so they should. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with one driver and that the delivery company showed such a bad attitude. I would write to the delivery company and inform them that the driver concerned is banned from your premises, that way you can deny him the use of your facilities. If the Company do not take this seriously you can also ban them from your premises. Delivery is a very competitive market and no company wants to find they are banned from delivering to customers because there are plenty of others who will happily take the work over. Banning all drivers because one has misbehaved is ridiculous, and under the new regulations, illegal!

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