Fruit4London demonstrates e-NV200 range ability

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A leading London fruit delivery firm has proved the benefits of the electric e-NV200 in Nissan's ‘£2 Challenge'.

Starting with a full load at New Spitalfields Market in the East End, company director Laszlo Mulato drove a total of 36.6 miles and made 15 deliveries before returning to depot with 50 percent of the vehicle's original charge remaining.

Based on that performance, the company could expect to make 3,900 deliveries a year, covering almost 10,000 miles for a total electricity bill of just £260.

Laszlo Mulato, Director of Fruit 4 London, said: "As a small business, it's hard to argue with figures like that.

"We were really impressed to see first hand how the e-NV200 could help us win new business, with many of our biggest clients and potential customers expressing a preference to work with green-minded suppliers."

The company has made a commitment to switch its entire fleet of vans to electric models, with an estimated £9,000 whole life cost saving per vehicle.

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  • Patriot - 25/11/2014 22:42

    The world does not (surprise,surprise) revolve around London. Try a comparable test in any city north of Nottingham then we could see just how good these EV's really are. I'm getting pretty fed up with reports of how these vehicles perform doing short journey's in London in daylight. Will FN publish another article from Lazlo Mulato during the winter months when headlights and the heater will be needed? Plus of course this article does not mention the 20% discount (up to a maximum of £8,000) given to purchasers of an electric van. My money being given away to Eco warriors? Finally just consider this: If a whole town or city or even an area of a town or city was purely for EV's how will blind people know there are moving vehicles that are a danger to them?

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    • christopher.smith - 25/11/2014 22:58

      @Patriot - Lazlo spoke at a FN seminar that took place at Cenex's low carbon show in September and explained how the company has fully switched to electric vehicles. In the case study, he mentions winter months and the effect temperature and heating have on range, and the driving changes they've introduced to adapt.

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  • Angus Whitton - 13/01/2015 21:25

    That's not really enough mileage for most van drivers - I can only see a limited take up until the range is circa 200m..

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