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A construction company has been fined after a contractor was run over on a large site in Wokingham.

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Prohire secures Customer Service Excellence Standard

Commercial vehicle contract hire company Prohire has secured the Government-recognised Customer Service Excellence Standard (CSE Standard).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles supplies 130 vehicles to Mountjoy

Building and maintenance support service provider Mountjoy has taken on 130 vehicles from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz dealer group Rygor opens flagship branch in Gloucester

Mercedes-Benz dealer group Rygor has opened a £4 million flagship branch in Gloucester.

Prevention, not cure

Although road traffic accidents are in decline, fleets need to do more to reduce them. Here, we look at the best preventative actions

Minimising costs after an accident

There are three essential methods to dealing with the repercussions of a vehicle road incident

Making CV fleets safer

Safety developments are a key aspect of modern car design and manufacturers keenly promote them to buyers.

Lighting: The road ahead

Vehicle lighting is often taken for granted, but without headlights, brake lights or turn signals, the result on our roads would be carnage. Even interior lighting has a part to play in driver safety.

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