Vans Best Practice

The Van Best Practice programme is backed by the DfT with the aim of providing easy to use, accessible best practice advice and information on van operations to the wide variety of van users in the UK. The programme provides FREE essential information for van users covering topics such as efficiency, safety, vehicle specification and fuel management.

Each guide contains clear, practical advice and guidance helping van users, of all sizes, to:

• Review their existing practices
• Reduce their fuel consumption
• Introduce improvement measures
• Make significant cost savings

The following guides are available for download from the Van Best Practice website:

Efficient Vans, which provides practical advice and information helping users to review existing practices, reduce running costs and introduce improvement measures to help run their vans in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Fuel Management Pack, which contains step-by-step actions that van operators can take in order to improve their vehicle fuel efficiency.

Safe Vans, which provides easy to understand guidance helping operators to incorporate safer, more efficient practices into their operations.

Driver Essentials, which contains a range of top-tip cards, providing succinct information on topics such as vehicle security, loading and unloading, driver hours and vehicle checks making them an essential in-van reference tool for both sole traders and drivers.

Van Specification, which provides independent guidance on van specification, taking readers through the key stages of vehicle specification.

Carrying Goods Safely, which provides essential advice and information on ensuring the safe carriage of goods and loads within vans.

A range of guides have also been produced for the smaller business, covering similar topics.

Download the DfT's van best practice documents:
Van Best Practice - Driver Essentials
Van Best Practice - Efficient Vans
Van Best Practice - Fuel Management
Van Best Practice - Safe Vans

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