Volkswagen Van Reviews - Page 2

  • First drive: Volkswagen Crafter

    2 Aug 2011

    New engine range is up to 33% more efficient.

  • First drive: Volkswagen Crafter

    20 Jul 2011

    With stronger, more fuel-efficient engines and a classy new front end, the Crafter now looks set to truly rival the best.

  • First drive: Volkswagen Amarok

    13 Jul 2011

    After an eight-month delay in launching its first 4x4 truck, Volkswagen has finally unleashed the Amarok on to the UK market.

  • First drive: Volkswagen Caddy

    6 May 2011

    Volkswagen’s meteoric sales rise looks set to continue as fresh models come on stream

  • Volkswagen Transporter T5 102 LWB (Sept 2010)

    30 Sep 2010

    By now most readers should know that I’m pretty impressed with the van on test here, the Volkswagen Transporter T5.

  • Volkswagen Transporter T5 long-termer (2)

    1 Jun 2010

    Why would anyone want to drive a silly little car when vehicles like this are on offer with superb driveability and a big handy loadspace.

  • Volkswagen Crafter Blue MWB 109

    1 Dec 2008

    Volkswagen has upgraded its heavy panel van with new eco-friendly engines that promise more power and fewer noxious emissions

  • Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 1.9 TDI DSG

    1 May 2008

    Volkswagen’s award-winning small van has just got bigger with the launch of the new Maxi version.

  • Volkswagen Crafter

    1 Mar 2007

    Volkswagen’s new panel van is built for serious business. And it drives as tough as it looks.

  • Volkswagen Crafter

    1 Nov 2006

    Volkswagen’s new panel van is built for serious business. And it looks as tough as it drives.

  • Volkswagen Transporter t30 SWB 2.5 PD 174

    1 Jul 2006

    Our latest long-term test van is a useful vehicle with fire in its soul

  • Volkswagen LT MWB high-roof fridge van

    1 May 2006

    The Volkswagen LT may be due to be replaced by the Crafter in a few months’ time, but there are still plenty of reasons to consider it at buying time until then.

  • Volkswagen Caddy TDI DSG

    1 Mar 2006

    Trying to persuade Britain’s hard-nosed van fleet operators to cough up an extra £1,000 per vehicle for automatic gearboxes in order to make their drivers’ lives easier may sound like an impossible task.

  • Volkswagen Crafter

    1 Mar 2006

    The brutish-looking Volkswagen Crafter is one of three brand new panel vans to be launched this year

  • Volkswagen Caddy 1.9 TDI

    1 Sep 2004

    Stylish it is not, but Volkswagen’s new light van has plenty of other plus points for fleets.