Long-term test: Renault Trafic


Well if you thought that, you’d be dead wrong – and it’s a sign of just how far ahead it was in 2001 because quite frankly some of the opposition are still trying to catch up.

Of all the vans we’ve ever driven, the Trafic just about tops the list even now for comfort and drivability.

And looking at the picture here, you’ll see that even its looks are still contemporary and cutting edge.

Our Sport model offers that little bit extra than the standard models and anyone who thinks that spending money on things like alloy wheels and metallic paint is a waste of time should stop and consider just what an upmarket, quality story a vehicle like this will say about the company which runs it and has its logo emblazoned on the side. This van simply exudes style and elegance.

There are also residual values to think about.

Put a van like this through the auction halls and it will stand out among the typical workhorse variants, and attract significantly greater interest and higher bids from used van buyers  – they just can’t get enough of them.

It’s a simple question of speculating and accumulating really.

The model on test here has a basic price of £19,870 ex-VAT but with a few added extras that Renault has added to the vehicle, the price rises to £20,930.

The Trafic only arrived a few days before we went to press so in the next issue we’ll be telling you how the van is settling in to its busy new life.

For now we’re very happy with the initial impressions. But looking ahead 12 months, when we defleet the Trafic – and when the van’s design will be 13 years old – I wonder whether it will have lived up to our early expectations, or after all this time, despite the many updates which have witnessed many upgrades in equpment levels  as well as  significant improvements in fuel efficiency and cuts to CO2 emissions it will have begun to feel its age. No doubt time will tell. 

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.