Long-term test: Renault Trafic Sport 115


It’s all very well for the weathermen to tell us to stay indoors when it snows, but Great Britain plc must keep moving whatever the conditions – and that means that vans have to be driven come rain, hail or shine.

Same goes with me. I refuse to let a few inches of snow get in the way of my life and  when the snow hit us the other week I simply chucked a spade in the back of our long-term test van and carried on regardless.

I would have appreciated the addition of Electronic Stability Control to help prevent sideways skids but as our van doesn’t have it, I just drove with that little bit of extra care and in the end came to no harm whatsoever.

Anyway, when there’s snow on the ground, I simply forget about all the hi-tech safety gizmos that lurk beneath the bonnet of most modern vans because quite simply they don’t work when the road is covered with ice.

ABS brakes are useless and ESC won’t save you either. I simply drive on the assumption that I don’t want to die just yet and pray that other drivers take as much care in these conditions.

Our Trafic showed no signs of clogging up and the cab remained nicely warm thanks to the full bulkhead behind.

We were hoping to bring you our first real-life fuel economy test for this vehicle but it’s hardly fair to measure it in such atrocious weather.

As our van is kept outside, I usually sit with the engine running for five minutes or so to warm up so fuel economy is obviously going to suffer.

Hopefully by the time of our next report, spring will have arrived and we’ll be able to tell you exactly how frugal this van really is.

The official figure on the combined cycle is 40.9mpg so if we hit the magic 40 (or somewhere near it) we’ll be very happy.

CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data correct at time of writing. The latest figures are available in the Fleet News fuel cost calculator and the company car tax calculator.