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Fleets Informed

Update from Shell


EUROPE, 4 DECEMBER 2017: On 6 December 2017, Shell, along with fleet industry experts, will discuss key factors shaping the future of fleet management and the important role sustainable mobility will play in helping to navigate future challenges at the Fleet Europe Forum, at the Estoril Congress Centre in Portugal.

Shell anticipates three main factors are likely to shape the industry over the next few years rising global demand with an extra 2 billion people expected in the world by 2040; the impact of new vehicle types, including electric and hydrogen; and disruptive technologies that will impact everything from the way vehicles are connected, to the roads they are driven on, to where they refuel and how drivers pay for transactions on the road.

“In-depth data and insights are steering the development of our products and services, helping to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology. At the heart of these continually sits a focus on sustainable mobility solutions designed to help Fleet Managers run efficient fleets and prepare them for the changes ahead,” said Parminder Kohli, General Manager, Business Development.

Parminder Kohli will explore Next Generation Fleet Management in a presentation at 13:45 in the Fleet Europe Village, while Shell Technology Expert, Andreas Kolbeck, will be presenting about the latest fuel technologies and innovations on the Shell stand throughout the day.

Alongside these sessions, Shell will be offering fleet experts the opportunity to go head to head, to put their industry knowledge to the test with a Scalextric Q&A experience, and to explore the inner workings of modern engines and the journey of fuels in virtual reality.

Shell offers a range of mobility solutions to help equip Fleet Managers to remain competitive and ahead of the curve, from its 24-hour fraud management services, to its continual investment in making fuels as efficient as possible, ranging from petrol and diesel, to electric and hydrogen.

Fleet Managers are invited to visit the Shell stand, located at booth 10 during the forum, to hear more about how Shell is working to support Fleet Managers around the world.