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Fleets Informed

Update from Shell

Shell launches 'Fluid Thinking' - the new online information hub to help fleet managers improve business operations

London, February 2017 – Shell has launched ‘Fluid Thinking’, an online platform designed to support fleet managers in optimising the efficiency of their business operations.

New technology, legislation, and changing consumer demands are propelling rapid changes in the fleet industry, presenting new opportunities and challenges for fleet managers. The ‘Fluid Thinking’ online platform ( is a one-stop destination for fleet managers looking to stay informed about the latest industry developments and benefit from commentary and tips on issues such as fleet management and driver wellbeing.

Scott McGregor, UK Sales Manager, Commercial Fleet commented; “This information hub aims to make it easier for fleet managers to keep pace with the changing industry. For more than 50 years, we have enabled business customers to benefit from Shell’s network, fuels quality and expertise through our euroShell Fuel Card. Now in addition to this, we are drawing on the knowledge that we have within Shell and among our associates from across the industry, to inspire and inform managers who are looking to boost the efficiency of their fleet.”

‘Fluid Thinking’ compiles insights from Shell as well as third-party experts, with feature articles, Q&As and video content. It explores issues such as the business impact of technologies and data, fuel efficiency, fraud management, driver wellbeing, and the changing nature of the fleet industry. In addition to the publicly available information, users can register for free to access supplementary content and subscribe for regular email updates on newly released content and recommended reads.