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Fluid Thinking from Shell will offer insight and inspiration

It's a big task to keep up changes in fleet so Shell has created a new resource to help managers make more informed decisions

Shell has combined its vast fleet expertise to create Fluid Thinking, an information resource for fleet managers that is kept up to date with all the latest driving intelligence.

From showing how new fuel technologies can keep your fleet on the road to explanations of the latest automated vehicle technology and top tips on reducing stress, Fluid Thinking from Shell has all you need to know.

Fluid Thinking for People: People are at the heart of any fleet business successes. Shell has been working with experts to find the latest tips and techniques on creating the best working environment to help you attract the best talent who want to deliver their best for you, every single day.

In Fluid Thinking you’ll find detailed information about driver wellbeing. We cover everything from how to create the best rest stops to tackling driver fatigue. With the latter a big factor in road safety which, in turn, is a huge concern for fleet managers, Shell is committed to helping you keep your drivers safe and healthy both on and off the road.

At Shell we know that it’s not just on the road where the pressure rises. We understand that managing the diverse needs of fleets can be a real stretch. Fluid Thinking brings you the latest advice on efficient management techniques, up-to-date software and technology that cuts admin and reduces spend.

Fluid Thinking for Data and Value: One thing that has increased the workload for fleet managers more than anything else is the amount of information flowing into the organisation.

Growing numbers of vehicles are using telematics systems. The move towards Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) means the amount of data fleet managers are going to need to manage, process and act on is only going to get bigger.

Fluid Thinking is plunging deep into the data universe to bring you the best advice on managing data; understanding where to access expert help; what technologies to implement and what new layers of data mean for the efficiency of your teams.

Fluid Thinking for the Future: Shell is committed to introducing fleet managers to the most effective innovations on the market. From advanced, engineprotecting fuels to autonomous vehicles, Fluid Thinking shows you what’s really going to make a difference.

With expert market analysis and viewpoints from leading industry figures, Shell’s unique access and insight cuts through the mass of information to show you what you really need to know.

In just a few minutes each day, you can access our resources to supercharge your fleet and take your business to the next level. Join Shell’s community of forward thinking fleet managers. Come to Fluid Thinking for a brand new view on fleet.

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