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More than just another rental service

Customers are at the heart of everything Enterprise Flex-E-Rent does

As you would expect from a business with the scale, resources and heritage of Enterprise, Flex-E-Rent was created to be more than just another commercial vehicle rental service. 

By listening carefully to the needs of customers, we set out to create something built on the principles of integrity, hard work and team spirit. With this firmly in mind, and to help stay ahead of the changing needs of a wide variety of customers, the past few years have seen a continual expansion of our vehicle range and our support services.

In 2014, the acquisition of Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental did more than just grow our fleet size to over 25,000 vehicles. It brought with it a network of 20 depots across the UK, a team of 450 employees, and all the expertise and experience of a business that has been working with commercial vehicle operators for more than 30 years.

Today, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent continues to combine the widest range of vehicles with the expertise, innovation and customer service for which we have become renowned. As we grow, we continue to look for new ways to help our customers be more efficient, more profitable and to better manage the risks associated with running any type of commercial vehicle fleet.

What we do:

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent is all about flexibility, service and long-term support. So if you want a standard ‘white van’ for a few days, we can do that for you. On the other hand, if you need a longer-term transport solution with tippers, grabs, temperature-controlled vehicles, minibuses, accessible vehicles or even large articulated lorries, we can do that for you too.

Of course, simply providing the vehicles you need on a flexible contract term is just one part of the story. It is everything else we do that makes us different.

How we do it:

Over the past 50 years, Enterprise has built a reputation for delivering total customer satisfaction at every level. It’s something we are known for the world over and something of which we are rightly proud. When we decided to create Flex-E-Rent, customer service had to be at the heart of everything we did.

We make a difference to your business because we always take the time to understand not just what you have asked for, but what you are trying to do and why. It’s an approach based on looking beyond a simple list of requirements or contractual obligations and thinking carefully about how what we do affects you as a business and as an individual.

For some, this may mean being flexible enough to help you manage the peaks and troughs of seasonal demands, or providing vehicles with specialist features at very short notice. It could be mobile technicians proactively maintaining your vehicles to minimise off-road time. Maybe it’s looking at the way you fund your fleet and identifying more cost-effective ways to get the results you need. Or it could simply be someone who takes personal responsibility for making sure your needs are being met each and every day.

We also believe delivering industry-leading customer service means listening carefully and paying attention to the little things. Things such as knowing which manufacturers you do or don’t like, or spotting that a slight tweak to your standard specification could make a big difference to your operational efficiency. Or perhaps it is no more than re-tuning the vehicle’s radio to your favourite station. Admittedly, these may not be at the top of your requirements list, but put them all together and they add up to a pretty big deal.

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