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Comvergent Expands Business Capacity With Enterprise Flex-E-Rent

Chester-based technology services and consultancy firm Comvergent is expanding its van fleet through Enterprise Flex-E-Rent in order to support significant business growth.

This follows the integration of acquired company, T James (Telecoms) Ltd, under the Comvergent brand to create an end-to-end solution for customers, offering expertise both in the field and operations centre.

The introduction of new Comvergent vehicles, which include a range of short wheel base and long wheel base Transits, doubles the size of the company’s fleet.

Sourcing the vans through Enterprise Flex–E–Rent means that all new vehicles meet Euro 6 standards for reduced emissions and that they are also fully compliant and fit for purpose from a health and safety perspective, based on Comvergent’s specific requirements and values.

As a nationwide installer of high-tech telecoms and communications solutions, commercial vehicles are a fundamental requirement to support Comvergent’s customer service, logistics and supply chain.

The company began sourcing vehicles through Enterprise Flex-E-Rent in 2014 in response to customer demand on a particular project where lead times were extremely short. Since then, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has helped to support growth across the whole business, enabling Comvergent to quickly scale the fleet up or down in line with project demand.

Comvergent also rents passenger cars via Enterprise Rent-A-Car to support general business travel, especially for those employees who do not have access to a company vehicle.

Comvergent Finance Director Gareth Hughes said, “Leasing vehicles in this way reduces the amount of time and resource we spend managing, maintaining and purchasing vehicles. The flexibility also enables us to scale our fleet up and down quickly, which is vital in the fast-moving technology environment.”

Hughes commented that a strong relationship has allowed Enterprise Flex-E-Rent to offer a flexible operational and commercial offering, and to ensure continuity of mobility.

“Vehicles being off the road can have a huge impact on meeting our customers’ needs,” he adds.

“Enterprise Flex–E–Rent always has a depot or a branch office in the right location, which means it can swap out vehicles that have been damaged or may need repair within a matter of hours, nationwide. This means we can ensure we are always able to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.”

Danny Glynn, Managing Director of Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, said, “Comvergent is an excellent example of how rental can provide a flexible, tailor-made transport solution that fully supports a fast-growing business in a fast-moving sector.

“We continue to invest in building our network of depots and branches to ensure continuity of service for companies like Comvergent, and also access to technical expertise for every type of vehicle.

“The fact that we rent everything from a small passenger car to high specification specialist commercial vehicles means that our engineers understand the detailed requirements for each, and that we can adapt our service to meet very specific situations.”

Comvergent works on some of the biggest telecoms projects across the country, continuing to roll out 4G and the forthcoming 5G to the nation. The recent acquisition of T James (Telecoms) Ltd forms part of the company’s growth plans to support the development of IoT and communications through advanced telecoms infrastructure.