Fleets Informed

Fleets Informed

Company Introduction

BT Fleet - a partner to the best

Firm draws on expertise to increase vehicle uptime and efficiency

BT Fleet is one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced fleet management, vehicle management and accident management services, and has established itself as a trusted partner to some of the country’s best-known fleets.

Renowned for its specialism in mission critical fleets, it has a reputation for quality, technical excellence and resilience, delivered through a nationwide network of 500 garages, of which it owns 65.

In total, BT Fleet manages more than 80,000 vehicles on behalf of its customers, who enjoy the benefit of working closely with a partner totally focused on meeting the specific needs of operational fleets through best practice service delivery and smart solutions.

BT Fleet’s specialist team takes away all the headaches of fleet management from internal resources – leaving customers to focus on core activities – and adding true value to a function that many companies consider to be simply an additional cost centre.

BT Fleet’s flexibility and buying power – enabling customers to benefit from significant economies of scale – ensure a responsive and cost-effective solution for commercial fleets of any size and type.

Meanwhile, its extensive network of garages means customer vehicles are never far from expert service and maintenance teams, ensuring downtime and operational cost is minimised, with vehicles maintained to exacting legal and quality standards.

BT Fleet was born out of BT Group’s in-house fleet operation, originally managing its vehicles through a whollyowned garage network and a team of vehicle technicians.

A strategic decision was taken in 2001 to offer external customers the same BT experience. The high level of customer service for which BT Group is renowned is incorporated into BT Fleet’s own sectorleading standards.

Drawing on a unique combination of fleet operator status and a deep understanding of customer needs, BT Fleet constantly evolves and refines its approach to fleet management best practice, with a customer base that includes G4S, Post Office, Network Rail, E.ON and The AA, delivering measurable commercial return for organisations in a broad spectrum of sectors.

The value offered by BT Fleet is amply demonstrated through its partnership with the Post Office, one of the UK’s most iconic establishments. Since outsourcing the management of two critical fleets – its cash-in-transit and mobile Post Office vehicles – to BT Fleet, it has enjoyed greater availability, improved maintenance management and optimised compliance, with the first-time MOT pass rate for the Post Office’s operator-licenced fleet rising from 83% to an impressive 97%.

Meanwhile, Thames Water’s decision to shift from in-house fleet management to outsourcing to BT Fleet has reduced the pressure on internal resources, particularly in the areas of compliance, maintenance management and administration.

With fewer incoming calls, this has released Thames Water’s own fleet team to focus on more strategic projects.

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