Finch Group offers insurance premium savings to fleets fitting life-saving technology

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Fleets fitting Dawes Highway Safety’s PeoplePanels and DawesGuard to commercial vehicles to protect vulnerable road users from death and injury could secure insurance premiums discounts.

Finch Group, the independent insurance broker with more than 5,000 commercial clients and 2,000 private clients, says the technology preventing vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians from being crushed under the wheels of commercial vehicles is a major road safety breakthrough.

The PeoplePanels and DawesGuard can be fitted to a wide range of commercial vehicles ranging from 3.5-tonne units to four-wheel tippers and articulated lorries with trailers.

Finch Group, which has offices in Basingstoke, Isle of Wight, Reading and Southampton, works with the UK’s largest insurers and trades in the Lloyd’s of London market, offers haulage insurance schemes for single HGVs to fleets of 100+ vehicles.

Stewart Pease, automotive manager, Finch Group, said: “We are working closely with Dawes Highway Safety to help clients positively influence their insurance premiums, having recognised the safety benefits of the products offered by the company.

“Risk management is a hot topic with insurers, therefore the PeoplePanels and DawesGuard will be viewed as a pro-active step in reducing the potential risk of injury or death caused to vulnerable road users.”

The technology, which is accredited by both the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS), has already been adopted by safety-focused fleets that include BP McKeefry, Co-op, Keltbray, Mick George, Tarmac and Travis Perkins.

What’s more, fleets fitting the innovative technology are also reaping fuel economy savings as the side panels reduce drag under a truck and trailer.

Paul Holmes, commercial director, PeoplePanels, said: “We are delighted that Finch Group has recognised that the PeoplePanels and DawesGuard are a major step forward in commercial vehicle occupational road risk management.

“The beauty of the PeoplePanels and DawesGuard is in their simplicity, cost, ease of fitment and proven ability. The return on investment through potential insurance premium savings is immediate with the added spin-off benefit of improved vehicle MPG. The question for fleet and transport managers is can they afford not to fit the technology?”

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  • P Jones - 17/05/2017 08:34

    With over 30 years in the industry I'm very concerned in the claims that are being made in regards to safety and the improved MPG - from the sellers website there are no official test figures in MPG savings any Haulier will tell you the issues with cross winds and anything in its way will only add to fuel usage (wind tunnel specifically designed deflectors are available/fitted to modern fleets that do assist). I'm sorry to have to burst somebodies bubble but unless this is immediately substantiated (which anyone in the industry will understand cannot be) I feel this claim must be raised with trading standards, FORS etc.

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  • Dawes Highweay Safety - 17/05/2017 11:36

    Hello P Jones, Thank you for your comments. As OEM we would like to take this opportunity to reply to some of your apparent concerns. SAFETY: Our DawesGuard® and PeoplePanel® products are designed and invented by a team of former road police officers who regularly dealt with collisions between vulnerable road users and pedestrians. Our combined years (more than we care to admit) of direct experience tackle the sorts of causational factors of the many unnecessary injuries we witnessed as a result of our professional work in the emergency services. For academic reading that supports our professional experience you may find the following report by the Transport Research Laboratory of interest: PPR683 ‘Identifying the casualties associated with side guard rails and mirror exemptions’. This is just one of the reasons a flat panel side guard is recommended as part of the CLOCS standard with which we assume you are familiar. FUEL: Most people working in fleet etc recognise that a smooth controlled airflow down the side of a vehicle contributes to ‘slip streaming’ and drag reduction. However fuel economy is influenced by a whole array of factors from tyre pressures to driver behaviour. That is why a company we choose not to advertise a directly quantifiable fuel saving because of this variation in factors and the risk of misleading our customers. If you are desperate for figures - independent MIRA research suggests a 2.9% saving at 56MPH while UK wind statistics estimate a higher 5% fuel saving indicating that a 40 tonne articulated lorry driving 70,000 miles a year would save approximately £2400 per annum. If you would like a trial on your own vehicles please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you The Dawes Highway Team.

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  • P.Jones - 18/05/2017 09:18

    Excellent so this is what the industry wants to hear so you are claiming you side panels would give a potential 2.5 to 5% fuel saving- I think you should be shouting this from the highest hills - if this indeed is your claim these panels will be flying off the shelves and we would certainly fit them to all the fleet? Very interested to hear what other think on this - anyone else interested in commenting ?

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