Only a quarter of fleets have a single brand tyre supply deal

TruckForce technician working on a truck

Research by Goodyear Tyres has found that only a quarter (25%) of fleet operators have a single brand supply deal with a tyre manufacturer.

It means that many businesses are missing out on support services that could help reduce vehicle downtime.

The majority (83%) of fleet managers surveyed who have a single brand supply deal, cite the main benefit is improved reliability in operation.

David Howe, commercial sales manager at Goodyear, said: “It’s interesting to see how few fleet managers have a single brand supply deal, given that such a deal will often allow access to a commercial support network, which will help to perform maintenance.

Goodyear operates its own network - TruckForce - that  specialises in the complete lifecycle management of commercial truck tyres, including preventive maintenance, replacement, regrooving, and retreading.

The network spans across the UK with 13 regional hubs.

Correct tyre maintenance plays an important role in keeping fleets moving. The research found that only one-in-three (33%) fleet managers – or those responsible for keeping commercial vehicle fleets compliant – check their tyre pressures on a daily basis. It seems that tread depth checks are deemed more important, with over half of respondents (55%) checking their tread depth daily.

Howe said: “Our TruckForce technicians conduct full tyre checks for customers on a quarterly basis, but we would always recommend that drivers visually check their tyre pressures at the start of each shift. This is because, if too high or low, incorrect pressures can result in rapid and irregular wear, or even blowouts, risking a significant amount of downtime and possible accidents. Running tyres at the correct pressure will lead to better wear across the tyre and even lower fuel consumption, due to better rolling resistance and handling.”

Technology such as Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) can also help to prolong the tyre’s lifespan.

Goodyear uses an in-tyre sensor to gather data and can alert the fleet manager to any tyre-related hazards via a mobile app.

The research by Goodyear Tyres also revealed that fewer than three-quarters (71%) of fleet managers feel tyres are a ‘very important’ area of investment, compared with fuel (81%) and repairs and maintenance (86%).

“To put it simply, the research indicates that this kind of maintenance isn’t always at the top of most fleet managers’ list of priorities. But the cost savings and efficiency improvements that it can bring to the table mean that the higher up the agenda it is, the more fleets will benefit,” said Howe.

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