Clancy Group reduces at fault collision claims by 20% with Movolytics

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Clancy Group has reduced its number of at fault collision claims by 20% with predictive modelling enabled by Movolytics fleet management software.

By analysing the data gathered from its fleet of 2,083 tracked vans, cars and trucks, the company is able to identify hazardous driving behaviour and address it in advance of any potential incident.

Introducing this proactive approach enabled Clancy Group to reduce overall claims by 15%, bringing down the costs incurred for accident collision damage by 13%.

“We analyse data from the Movolytics system and various other sources and triangulate that with crash involvements,” Colin Knight, head of fleet safety and compliance at Clancy Group.

“By looking at this data we are able to identify drivers that are most likely to be involved in a collision in the future. We can then put these drivers and their managers on a three-month driver development plan and tackle the potentially dangerous driving behaviour before it actually takes place.”

The Movolytics system keeps track of risky driving behaviour, such as harsh braking, and scores each driver based on the frequency and severity of the incidents recorded. A lower score means a safer driver.

According to Knight, the proactive approach to data analysis also provides a competitive edge in the market. Customers look favourably on a business that has access to intelligent data on its fleet and actively acts on the information in order to drive continuous improvement in terms of safety, service and corporate social responsibility.

Unlike many other GPS tracking companies, Movolytics draws data straight from the vehicle’s engine management system to provide insight on fuel efficiency and driving habits, including speeding and abrupt braking.

The system’s dashboard makes anomalies easy to identify, enabling fleet managers to address potential issues without delay and track performance KPIs, both real-time and on the long term, simply and effectively.  

Chris Smith, CEO at Movolytics, said: “Many companies are content with simply using GPS tracking data to monitor the movements of their fleet on the map, even though the data could do so much more. That’s why we are excited to see forward-thinking businesses, such as Clancy Group, leverage the full potential of the data available to drive performance and optimise road safety for their drivers as well as the public.”

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