Average value of tools stolen from vans rises to £5,091

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The value of insurance claims for theft of tools from contract sites and vans rose from £2,865 on average per claim to £5,091 last year, according to insurer ECIC.

The highest value claim was an eye watering £83,500 for electrical cabling and copper piping from a site in Kidderminster.

However the most common thefts are from vans parked in hotel car parks and B&Bs as tradespeople, on short term contracts, board away from home. 

Higher value items such as laptops were also the subject of a number of claims along with equipment on site, highlighting the need to ensure that not only vans are secured but that as far as possible tools and equipment at a contract site as secure as possible. 

One policyholder left all his tools in his van parked outside his house and then went to New York for the weekend. He came back to find his van had been emptied.  

Where possible policyholders should consider removing high value items from vans overnight and for any prolonged period.

Presenting an additional challenge to tradespeople and their insurers, ECIC was recently notified of a spate of thefts from Ford Transits where there was no sign of forced entry.  

Investigations revealed that a tool, readily available on the internet, can be used to open the door of a van without force within 30 seconds. It can then lock the door again leaving no sign of entry.

Policyholders should be alive to these issues and take greater care where possible to safeguard items in a van and not simply rely on the van being locked as a safe way of protecting items inside.

Ian Hollingworth, claims manager for ECIC, said: “During the downturn in the construction sector thefts from vans became more prevalent.  

"As well as being an enormous inconvenience, it can create work delays, unexpected costs if equipment needs to be hired while the claim is processed and even jeopardise contracts.  

“There are simple steps you can take to reduce the risk. For a start it’s a good idea to park in well-lit places such as under street lights and close to buildings and security cameras. 

"It’s obvious but make sure vans are locked at all times and emptied at night and when going away. 

" It may be frustrating if you are making frequent visits to the vehicle to store or retrieve tools but it only takes a minute for a thief to gain entry and make off with a high value tool.

“Sadly, it is relatively easy to obtain specialist lock picks over the internet and while the cost of changing locks can seem high, it is certainly worth considering changing locks to incorporate an anti-pick replacement cylinder endorsed by the Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre.

"Deadlocks can also help improve security and consider accredited Slamlocks. These automatically lock doors when they are shut, adding an extra layer of protection over manufacturers’ door handles.”


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  • Linda Mitchell - 16/02/2014 08:26

    Surely the manufacturers should be providing a much more secure locking system like the Thatcham one mentioned in this article !

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