Yodel says deliveries are back on track

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Yodel has confirmed that the parcel backlog in its central sorting facilities has been cleared and these parcels are now in its network of local service centres for delivery.

The announcement follows the suspension of some collections from its clients last Thursday and Friday, which enabled it to use the weekend to process the outstanding parcels.

The courier has blamed delivery problems on a higher than expected increase in deliveries following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As planned, scheduled collections of parcels from Yodel’s clients, which include Argos, Tesco, Boots and Amazon, have resumed in full today (Monday, December 15).

However, new parcels entering the Yodel network may still be subject to a 24-48 hour delay which is reflective of normal Christmas peak operations.

Preparations for the Christmas rush began in January with the appointment of a dedicated 'peak' planning team.

The carrier has also worked in partnership with its retail clients on their predicted volumes, to ensure that the correct resources are in place.

It had forecast to handle 15% more parcels than same period in 2013, and had invested heavily in its operation to meet demand.

The company, which has over 60 locations around the UK, procured an additional 13 sites to handle this increase in parcel volume. These include five standalone service centres, seven satellite sites to support existing service centres and a returns centre in the Midlands. Fixed canopies have also been created to extend site capacity.

In addition a special control tower has been established at Yodel's central sorting facility in Wednesbury to oversee volume management, operational action and weather contingency.

And, on the road an additional 200 HGVs and 500 trailers were sourced to carry out the trunking between clients' warehouses and Yodel's sort and service centres.

Yodel's existing workforce was also bolstered by an additional 5,000 workers across transport, sort, service centres and customer services. Recruitment for the busy winter period began in September to ensure all new workers receive adequate training.

However, despite extensive planning and introducing a raft of measures, Dick Stead, executive chairman of Yodel, admitted they had been caught out by the sheer number of online deliveries.

He said: “There has been a deluge of parcels far exceeding anybody’s expectations. It has caught the manufacturers out, it has caught the retailers out and it has caught the parcel carriers out.”
Yodel now expects a slowdown in the number of consignments to be sorted over the next week, meaning that parcel volumes will be at the levels originally forecast, and that the Yodel Christmas network was designed to handle.

It said it will continue to closely monitoring this situation to ensure that all parcels are out for delivery before Christmas.

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  • anon - 16/12/2014 22:48

    It's not true that service is back to normal. My parcel has been 'out for delivery' and therefore with you 'today' since 14th December

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  • - 17/12/2014 13:56

    Yodel certainly was back on track, perhaps quite ahead of itself; our delivery arrived before we received any notification that it was on its way! Thanks chaps :-)

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  • Scott j - 17/12/2014 17:25

    Still not true I have been waiting 10 days for my delivery turn up and yet still no show just says that its sitting at the service centre.

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  • Emma Dawson - 17/12/2014 22:21

    I ordered a product online from a store which uses Yodel as the courier. I placed this order on 29th November. I have once again put my details into yodels online tracking system, to see that they still haven't even scanned my parcel in their warehouse!! This is unacceptable! I have made several phone calls to Yodel Customer Services, where I have been told each time, that a manager will call me to help find out what is going on.... I am still waiting for a call back. I will never be ordering online again from a store which uses Yodel as their courier!

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  • Anthony Simpson - 18/12/2014 14:32

    YODEL are lying to you. I have been advised by their advisors today that there are still significant delays. I have also been lied to 3 times in 2 weeks with regards to the location of my order. Welcome to the Yodel live chat Service. An advisor will be with you shortly. You are now connected with Michelle Michelle: Welcome to Yodel Online. How can I help you today? Anthony: XXXXXX Please advise where my order is. Michelle: Your item has not received a scan update since the 4th. We have been experiencing delays in the sort centres so your parcel may currently be held there while we work through the issue. Anthony: 5 minutes ago YODEL told me it was being delivered today; is that not true? Anthony: I would prefer just to be told the truth. I was told 10 days ago my order was with SportsDirect however I know that was not true. Michelle: Oh dear :( I am sorry to hear you have been told that. Can I ask who you spoke to about that? Your item will currently be at a national sort waiting to be sent to your local depot. There has been a backlog that we are clearing before Christmas. Anthony: Terence. Michelle: Okay, thanks for that. I'll get that looked into. Anthony: May Terence can explain why his advise is different from yours. Michelle: I am not sure why that has happened, he may have been looking at a different tracking number. I will make sure this is looked into to avoid it happening again. Michelle: As I have not heard from you in a while, I will hopefully assume that I have answered all your questions for now, so will close the chat with my thanks for contacting us. Of course, if you do have another issue, we’re here 24 hours a day so don’t hesitate to come back to us. Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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