Fleet FAQ


What is the vehicle defect rectification scheme?


The vehicle defect rectification scheme (VDRS) covers some 25 offences including broken light glass, defective speedometer, inoperative horn, defective silencer, defective wipers or washers, broken or missing mirrors.

The scheme applies only to cars, car-derived vans and light goods  vehicles. If the vehicle is stopped by a police officer and found to have a defect that makes it illegal, the officer may issue a defect form. Any police officer may check a car or car-derived van.

The police will not prosecute if within 14 days the fault has been remedied and the form, stamped by an MOT testing station, has been returned to the police. A summons may be issued if the fault is not remedied.

The VDRS will not apply:

- When the vehicle has been in an accident

- If the vehicle has four or more defects

- If the defect is considered so severe that it falls outside the scheme

The scheme operates in Scotland, with the difference that 21 days are allowed for rectifying the fault.