Fleet FAQ


What are the rules regarding my drivers field of vision?


You may have seen vehicles being driven with all sorts of items, such as banners, mascots, furry dice and old newspapers, obstructing the vision of the driver and wondered whether this is illegal.

Construction and Use regulation 30 states: ‘Every motor vehicle shall be so designed and constructed that the driver thereof while controlling the vehicle can at all times have a full view of the road and traffic ahead of the motor vehicle.’

Having an obstructed view of the road is a very serious safety issue, and enforcement officers (DVSA/Police) are particularly interested  in checking for compliance with the regulations during roadside enforcement checks. Any obstruction that encroaches more than 40mm into the swept area of the windscreen is unacceptable.

Good practice would be to introduce random checks on vehicles, in particular when they return back to your base.

Finally, remind all your drivers of the need to keep a clear view ahead and of the consequences of failing to do so by reminding them of your organisation’s policy on the subject and any likely disciplinary action.