Fleet FAQ


How should a head restraint be positioned?


Recent surveys have highlighted the fact that motorists have never  considered adjusting their head restraint correctly as a priority. A properly adjusted head restraint will prevent whiplash injuries by helping to reduce the distance between the back of the head and the restraint itself which in turn prevents the neck from bending backwards.

To correctly adjust head restraints, follow this simple advice:

- Ensure the top of the head restraint is as high as the top of your head.

- Position it as close to the rear of your head as possible.

- Ensure it is ‘locked’ in position and regularly check it has not moved.

- Ensure every new driver and passenger has checked the position of the head restraint and adjust accordingly prior to commencing the journey.

- If you are unsure how to adjust the head restraint, contact the vehicle manufacturer or refer to the vehicle handbook.