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How do I check the details of a non-UK driver?


The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) has a local rate number that can be used to check the validity of a non-UK driver’s licence details rather than the premium rate number that was initially announced. There are two methods an employer can use to check a driver’s licence: 

1. The driver phones the DVLA Contact Centre on the general line (0300 790 6801 local rate) and leaves permission for a third party to call, within a week, for information from the record.

2. The third party enquirer can telephone the DVLA general line on a three-way call with the driver in attendance.

It should be noted that the counterpart, which would have been issued by the Agency for a D9 application up to June 8, 2015, will be replaced by a D91 certificate. Neither document will be endorsed, which means checks will need to be made using the above telephone number.

DVLA also holds records of UK points accrued by drivers who have not yet registered with them via a D9 application process. These details can also be checked by calling the above number.

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