Fleet FAQ


A number of my van drivers use CB radios while driving. Does the law on using mobile phones include the use of CB radios?


Although the use of two-way radios while driving is not covered by the hand-held mobile phone regulations, there are more general rules you need to be aware of.

A driver could face prosecution while using the radio if its use caused a distraction or affected the standard of driving.

The offence of failing to have proper control of the vehicle is long-standing and may be used to deal with incidents where the driver has been distracted by any equipment, including CB radios.

The more serious offence of careless or dangerous driving, causing death by careless or dangerous driving are also available to  prosecutors if the distraction can be shown.

As an employer, you could also face prosecution for causing or permitting these offences, or for breaching your duty of care and health and safety obligations, if safe use policies are not put in place.


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